The Finest Pandan Chiffon Cake in Singapore
Our Cakes
   "chiffon cakes,
                   that's what we love and that's what we're good at !"

Classic Pure Pandan

Singapore's classic pandan chiffon;
need we say more?

(large) / $9 (small)
S$1.80 per slice
Golden Citrus

a delightful citrus mix of
orange & lemon juices with a healthy
dose of zests to perk up the cake. 
it'll perk you up too!

S$16 (large) / $9 (small)

S$1.80 per slice 
Banana Walnut

a healthy and fragrant energy
booster combining fresh tropical
bananas & roasted walnuts

(large) / $9 (small)
S$1.80 per slice
  Green Tea Honey

smooth green tea flavouring throughout buttressed with honey, this cake makes a perfect companion to that cuppa coffee. 

(large) / $9 (small)
S$1.80 per slice

Durian D24

creamy D24 durian worked beautifully
into the softness of a chiffon;
  it will leave quite an indelible mark on your palate!

S$18 (large) / $10 (small)
S$2.00 per slice


Delivery for orders $80 and above; $10 delivery charge applies.
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